Oil and Gas Services and Coaching in Well Test Design, Operations and Well Test Analysis


TestWells offers online training to help students and professionals to learn and stay connected with the latest tools and techniques in pressure transient analysis (well test interpretation).

The company also provides well test support in Exploration and Appraisal, Production, Injection and Fractured wells.

Well Test and Pressure Transient Analysis Topics

flaring boom, burner showing oil flare during well test operations

Exploration and Appraisal

A well test should acquire the best quality exploration and appraisal data to achieve the subsurface objectives with safe operations. Well test costs and flaring could be minimized with expertise, new techniques and tools. We help design the data acquisition strategy, optimize the operations and perform well test interpretation on dynamic data to extract the reservoir information and get more value.

Oil and gas producers and injectors

Production and Injection

Implementing the best practices in surveillance ensures the best quality production and injection pressure and rate data. Opportunistic shut-ins (PBUs and PFOs) could be used to monitor the well and reservoir performance over time, protect the base production and optimize new well delivery. Data acquisition strategy can be designed to assess the impact of a well intervention.

fracking well or fraccing well

Frac Evaluation

Transient analysis on fracture diagnostics (DFIT, ACA, SRT, minifrac) and post-frac data helps to evaluate the fracturing operations and characterize the reservoir. The right use of derivative and semi-log plots will guarantee an optimum treatment. On water injectors, the fracture behaviour can be monitored to ensure no excessive fracture growth, cap rock integrity and highest performance.

oil and gas e-learning

Learning Centre

The Learning Centre is a place dedicated for students and professionals to learn well test design and analysis, the best practices and share case studies. Online presentations and classes in pressure transient analysis are available to learn the well testing tools and techniques, including deconvolution, for all types of wells and reservoirs. Well test analysis could help to extract more value.

Well Test Support and e-learning in oil and gas. Oil and Gas Well Testing helps to reduce subsurface uncertainty and obtain higher oil and gas recovery.