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The Well Testing Group is a community of practice to learn well test analysis and deepen our skills, and you are very welcome to join in. The idea is to create a place where we can learn, share case studies and best practices, and challenge each other.
You can learn at your own pace, get a course refresher and stay connected to pressure transient analysis.

From novices to expert users

Our aim is to make this community stimulating to anyone interested in learning and practicing well test analysis. So far, the group is made up of students and professionals from more than 100 companies, including the supermajors.

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What members say ?

“Super awesome informative video sessions. I am a petroleum engineering senior undergrad student in India. I would really like to thank you for providing such informative videos on the Well test Analysis. I really love learning from this website.” Imranul Haque N.

“Good style of presentation and an easy way to explain well test analysis” by Ammar B.