Horizontal Well Example

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This 1-hour training presents a case study with a long horizontal well in a dry gas reservoir. Memory gauge pressure and rate data are analyzed using PIE and Saphir softwares. This example shows that conventional well testing methods are limited and could mislead the analyst with some erroneous permeability, length, skin and reservoir pressure values. Something else is needed here…

Training Objectives

What are the training objectives ? 
The main objectives are to:
  • Understand the uncertainty on the well and reservoir parameters for a complex horizontal well.
  • Learn the matching process so as to extract the reservoir horizontal permeability, horizontal drain length and vertical permeability.
  • Use modern well testing techniques to interpret a horizontal well using the PIE and Saphir well test softwares.


What will be covered ? 
This video shows a “live” well test interpretation on a complex gas horizontal well using PIE and Saphir softwares.
The areas covered are:
  • Identification of the different flow regimes using the modern well test analysis techniques
  • Matching process and associated uncertainties