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well test interpretation for beginners
Well Test Analysis for Novices

This video session introduces the different well testing tools and workflow. No dreadful equations but a practical way to understand and use well test analysis.

Highly recommended for well test novices or early beginners.

well test analysis theory
Well Test Theory and Practice

This training explains the theory behind well test analysis, its assumptions and tools. The 2nd part presents a case study on a gas condensate well, using a well test software.

well test deconvolution

Deconvolution is defined with its benefits and limitations. Then a case study is presented using a software to demonstrate how to recover a reliable deconvolution from the data and how to use the tool to improve the PTA understanding.

well test workflow and well test example
Well Test Analysis Workflow and Case Study

The well test analysis workflow is presented and put into practice with a case study on an appraisal well.

standard well test design
Well Test Design using PIE and Saphir softwares

The well test design concept is presented and illustrated with several examples. A “live” exercise is performed using the PIE and Saphir softwares. A multi-frac horizontal well model is also used in Saphir.


Well Test Design and Analysis


complex wells, production


Softwares, tools, demos


New subsurface technology


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