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– All the courses and technical posts,
– Well testing book called “Practical Guide to Well Test Analysis”,
– Free educational PIE well test software license,
– New technology ConvEx software license,
– Priority Support.

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The main exclusive benefit of a VIP member is being able to enjoy access to all the courses and technical posts at all times, and have priority over technical support and Q&A. Please note that members are not purchasing any exclusive rights to any specific web page or information hosted on TestWells. Also, TestWells reserves the right to alter product pricing in the future.
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By joining the TestWells VIP Program, the member agrees not to assign, transfer or sublicense their rights as a subscriber to TestWells Fee-Based Services; furthermore, each VIP member agrees to be held financially responsible for all usage or activity associated with their Fee-Based Services account.
The current published version of the Membership Fees and Cancellations policy will supersede all previous versions.
We ask our VIP members to pay the fees upfront for the entire year, as a commitment.

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