Well Test Analysis Worflow and Case Study

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The 1-hour training builds upon the two first training on “Well Test Theory and Practice” and “Deconvolution”.
This video presents the well test analysis workflow in details and puts it into practice with a “live” exercise on an appraisal well. The data from the different gauges will be QC and analyzed using the latest techniques and tools, including deconvolution. The data are affected by tides, which is quite common in some deepwater areas, the tides will also be removed during the exercise.

Training Objectives

What are the training objectives ? 
The main objectives are to:
  • Learn about the use of well testing from exploration to production
  • Understand and be able to apply the workflow to QC the data, investigate deconvolution and interpret the data during well test operations and analysis
  • Learn to spot tidal effects on well test data and remove them.


What will be covered ? 
After a quick refresher on the use of well testing from exploration to production, the workflow is presented to perform a well test analysis.  The second part of the video shows a “live” exercise using a well test software for an appraisal well, with a QC of the different gauges. The tides are removed from the pressure data and the data are analyzed using the latest techniques and tools (deconvolution).
The areas covered are:
  • Use of well testing from exploration to appraisal
  • Well Test Analysis Workflow
  • QC appraisal well test data
  • Remove tidal effects
  • Investigate deconvolution
  • Perform a straight line analysis
  • Select the interpretation model and match the data with latest tools and techniques