Well Test Consultants


TestWells provides specialist technical support in well testing and other well evaluation activities (MDT, impulse tests, miniDSTs, DFIT/ACA) and help to extract the full value of your data using modern well test analysis techniques.


The company has been successfully working with multiple oil and gas companies since 2013 and helped the subsurface teams achieve successful clean-ups, well tests and production PBUs / injection PFOs. Our objective is to make your operations a success.

TestWells implements the state-of-the-art in well testing to ensure the best quality data, reduce flaring and minimize rig cost. Below are some efforts provided by the company to improve the well testing operations by:
  • creating well test design policies and processes, with a fit-for-purpose completion and test sequence to acquire the best quality data and achieve the subsurface objectives,
  • providing operations support with real-time analysis and expert use of Deconvolution,
  • applying the best practices in the industry with the latest interpretation tools and techniques,
  • sharing lessons learnt and
  • training the ops reservoir engineers.


Specialist well test consultants could join your organisation on short, medium or long term assignments.
For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Quicklook review of design or analysis

Simply send us your presentation or report via the Secure File Transfer. We will send you our comments, explain what could be missing, improved or better explained, and what other solutions are possible. Get the most out of your data !