Basic Well Test Analysis (3 days)

The course will focus in the technical knowledge for the design and interpretation of pressure transient tests in Kappa Saphir. The character of the course includes theoretical and practical aspects of well tests in oil and gas reservoirs.


Learning Objectives
At the end of this course, participants will be able to:
• Understand the fundamental concepts of well test analysis
• Understand what results can be obtained from well test analysis
• Identify the different flow regimes for wells with limited entry, hydraulic fracture, basic horizontal wells in homogeneous and heterogeneous reservoirs.
• Design and interpret well tests using modern analysis techniques in Saphir.
• Monitor well performance and understand the effects of well clean-up and two-phase flow.
Course Content
1 • Well Test Theory and Practice: Theory on initial drawdown and application to PBU, definition of radial flow regime and other flow regimes, review of skin, definition of the well testing tools (derivative, ΔP plot, Horner plot, Superposition plot, Data-plot)

•Practical Saphir example: perform an analytical well test analysis of a gas condensate well.
•Introduction to the well test responses of different types of wells (vertical well with limited perforations, horizontal well, well with hydraulic fracture, partial penetration fracture) and reservoirs (homogeneous, linear composite, radial composite) with the associated matching procedures.

• Deconvolution: the driving tool for the analysis
(benefits, limitations, validity)

• Practical Saphir Example: revisit the well test from the morning session, apply deconvolution to improve the analysis.
2• Well Test Analysis Workflow

• Well Test Analysis in multilayer reservoirs

• Well Test Analysis in naturally fractured reservoirs
• Practical Saphir Example: perform a well test analysis of an appraisal DST of a vertical well

• Factors that complicate well test analysis
3• Horizontal Well Basics

• Practical Saphir Example: perform a well test analysis of a long horizontal well
• Horizontal Well Advanced Analysis (long horizontal well, presence of near wellbore boundaries, finite conductivity drain, multiphase flow, limited perforations/partial penetration, multi-fractured horizontal well)

Basic Saphir course
Start Date
End Date
Online (MS Teams)
20 June 2022
22 June 2022