ConvEx Technology

Semi-Analytical Reservoir Simulator
Two Forecasting Modes based on Deconvolution and Simulator

Below you will find some information on how to use the new technology to redefine the acquisition and analysis of dynamic dataset to explore reservoir architecture and connectivity. If you need further help, please contact us.

Analysis Approach

The following document provides an introduction to the analysis approach implemented in ConvEx.

A Common Framework for Analysis

Dynamic Analysis

The following document presents a high-level overview of pressure analysis, in particular with long-term surveillance pressure and rate data.

Reservoir Dynamic Analysis


This document will help you get familiar with the analysis capabilities in ConvEx. It presents an analysis workflow one could follow when working with the application.

Analysis Workflow Example

Integration with G&G

The document below demonstrates the incorporation of geologic and seismic information in a form of a reservoir map in the analysis workflow through use of analytical reservoir simulation module in ConvEx.

Integration of Simulation

PIE-ConvEx Conversion File

You can convert PIE into a ConvEx file under File>Custom Report Template, then select this PIE template file