Well Test Design using PIE and Saphir softwares

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Well Test Design

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The 1-hour training presents the best practices in well test design and workflow, showing the different types of constraints and factors to consider. Then, the well test design concept is illustrated with several examples. Finally, a “live” exercise is performed using the PIE and Saphir softwares. A multi-frac horizontal well model is also used in Saphir.

Training Objectives

What are the training objectives ? 
The main objectives are to:
  • Learn about the well test design philosophy
  • Understand the constraints and the critical factors to consider when designing a well test
  • Learn how to design a well test using PIE and Saphir softwares
  • Predict pressure and/or rate data with a multi-frac horizontal well model


What will be covered ? 
The areas covered are:
  • Standard Well Test Design
  • Inputs and constraints when designing a test
  • Interpretation models with range of parameters
  • Well Test Design Workflow
  • Factors to consider
  • Examples
  • “Live” exercise using PIE and Saphir softwares
  • Multi-frac horizontal well