Inter-layer connectivity from well test

Inter-layer connectivity from well test


A possible tip to establish inter-layer reservoir connectivity. It utilises the kh obtained from the derivative plot of the BU:
The horizontal portion of the derivative plot represents infinite-acting-radial-flow and gives kh of the volume of reservoir detected by the pressure transient.
>Now, suppose after this build-up (BU), an additional wellbore interval is open to flow and the BU recorded. If the BU analysis gives the same kh, it is evidence that the pressure transient of this second BU detects the same reservoir volume as before. This would indicate the layers are connected.
We have found this approach useful in appraisal well testing of low quality gas-bearing formations. The results allow deciding if subsequent producer wells need to penetrate all of the reservoir column to recover all reserves.


David Tipping
Reservoir Engineer

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  1. Muhammedsalihu

    Hello David,
    I am impressed with your post because it really adding to my knowledge and skills. I did an MSc project on well test analysis where i used a Saphire in estimating Storativity ratio of wells producing volatile oil in a naturally fractured reservoir.But, i am willing to pursue a PhD research in gas optimization from Unconventional reservoirs by integrating well test analysis with hydraulic fracturing technique.
    Therefore,i wish to seeking for your kind advice on a technical approach,I already prepared my proposal,but needed a guide.I don’t know if i can forward to you for perusal.

    I shall be great full for your kind assistant.

    Thank you

    Best regards
    Muhammed Salihu

  2. marcelonsales

    Hello David,

    I am currently doing a MSc in Reservoir Engineering and I would like to do my thesis based on Well testing. What do you suggest to built involving reservoir modelling applying numerical model simulation?

    Best regards,

    Marcelo Sales

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